The story about scar and arm pull that lead me to Myofascial Release

Most of us receive a shot/vaccine in our lifetime. My story is about my first experience with John F. Barnes Myofascial release in a massage school workshop from an Occupational Therapist guest speaker.
She was demonstrating an arm pull on me. In a flash, I was brought to the point of information download—lack of adequate words to describe influences of information that visually pop into my head—physically feeling the pain of the needle hitting the bone and emotional feeling of being forced not to look when I wanted too. I knew myself well, even at a young age, and this adult told me to look away from the shot we had a battle of wills. I wanted to watch the shot be administered. She did not want me to watch. I understand why she did that now. At the time, I just knew that when I watch something, I could process it better. I understand giving hundreds of kids shot would be very trying now. Her belief system and the experience was different than mine. It became a struggle of wills.
She broke me. For this is what I believed. I have no way of knowing what she was feeling but I was sensing from a child’s perspective someone who wants to control an outcome from a protocol of checks and balances.

She used force in her frustration of me not listening to her way that works for others. Yes, all this information is pouring out of me in literally split second with an arm pull, which started me on my Myofascial Release Journey. The power of taking the time to feel within to find out. Working on scars is just the entry point into the body. My booster scar, which most of us have at a certain age, has puckers showing me there is much to uncover from this blow. Not only from the physical but from the emotional component.

After my episode with arm pull in massage school. I continue to learn through seminars other ways to access these points. This physical scar is small but very powerful to pull through physically with the force of 2000 per square inch and to hold memory in my cells that are frozen solid like a lake in 30 below winter in Minnesota, not able to move but can hold you up.

I will continue this information on how to access and soften your scars.

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