How Many Session till I am fixed?

My short answer. You are not broken.

My long answer:

How long has it taken for the issue to develop? intent is to give you a safe environment so you can “let go” with ease. It will take time to identify and address chronic problems, depending on the severity of your symptoms and your response to treatment, including your commitment to helping yourself through self-treatment.

Healing is not an event; it is a process.

Myofascial Release does not have a recipe for treatment. Treatment is active and changes as your body changes. The time frame of treatments is individual, based upon your issues and response to individual treatment sessions. Myofascial Release, the John F. Barnes approach, doesn’t require endless visits, because you will learn how to use Myofascial Release for your self-treatment. As you progress, self-empowering you to recognize when you may need to schedule follow up sessions.

To change it requires time and commitment. I create the environment; you make the change. Just like anything that grows and changes, it is not one and done. Do you stop feeding a baby after three days and say why aren’t you grown yet?? How long does it take for you to get into shape after starting at the gym? Depends: have you worked our before, your body type, and what you want to accomplish.

  • The goal of treatment is yours.
  • What is a better healthy way for you?
  • Have you taken the time to consider what you want?
  • Is it to return you to a pain-free, healthy lifestyle!
  • Or to maintain the status quo.
  • What is better for you? Not what anyone else wants.

I mention journaling and visualizing and intent may times if you have ever had a session with me.

Have you taken the time to reflect and write? Or write to commit to a goal?

Myofascial Release is not a formula for thinking. YOUR FEELINGS and INTUITIONS are the keys to unlock what within. Thinking, figuring it out, and studying are not the heart of the Myofascial Release John F. Barnes approach. The thought is the part that gets in the way.

Are you ready to let the magic happen? Stop doing and start trusting and listening to your inner feeling within the body and its wisdom. No one knows what will occur when one “let go”: That is why it is fearful for those who have learned concrete answers and recipes.

I had a 10-hour package that I started for people to benefit from 10 hours a week, creating a jump start in change. I let it go to spread out for no expiration. Now with the current health situation, I am no longer offering packages that do not expire. If you are reading this and are committed to change and invest 10 hours in a week, the sessions’ package is available. I will not offer, but if you ask, I will hold the space for you and help facilitate the change you visualize for yourself.

Love Shelly

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