Jul 2020


Myofascial Self Treatment Books:

Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment (your path to authentic healing and pain relief) by Joyce Karnis Patterson, PT www.mfrselftreat.com

Myofascial Stretching: A Guide to Self- Treatment by Jill Stedronsky, MS, OTR and Breand Pardy, OTR www.myofascialstretching.com

Myofascial Books that helpful for your self empowerment:

By Cathy Covell, PT www.motionforlife.net

A Patient’s Guide to Understanding John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release

Feeling Your Way Through.www.motionforlife.com

John F. Barnes Resources and Website www.myofacialrelease.com

Book: Healing Ancients Wounds: The Renegade’s Wisdom, John F. Barnes, PT

CD Inner Awareness by John Barnes, PT

DVD Myofacial Release and Fireside Chat

Also information regarding this approach to MFR , merchandise and to locate other therapist.

Numerous articles


Garth Whitcombe, MT and music artist to enhance self treatment and treatment of MFR www.therapymuse.com

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