Creating the Environment for your healing and recommend a journal for some sort Example Ideas

First things first I recommend have 10 min set aside to complete this whole process.  If you feel need for a timer that wonderful but 3 songs of your choice.  Most songs are 2-5 min long.  Please don’t get hook on watching the clock.  I remember a client who would count when doing self-treatment to 120 second.  Oh man I thought that Great that you can multi-task and client was proud of themselves.  I explained he was correct, but he was missing the feeling he was doing correctly but that was just that he was doing.  Different experience and different personalities will process how to do this so may my examples help you to guide you to your own self treatment for what I have learned with over 20 years of working with people as a massage therapist and 29 years of being a flight attendant. What I sense was really happening was this client was avoiding feeling with thinking about the time.  For myself I like using songs.  I suggest using vibrational music found YouTube or if that does not resonate latterly with you using music that relaxes you.  I also found that if you are a musician defiantly find something you won’t’ follow along to.  Again this may not let you go into the feeling.  Again it may.  So play around with that.

Now we have carved out the time.  We have something keeping the time.  We know where the scar is but let us set the tone of first tightening your body and relaxing. 



Let’s use my scar on my arm the booster shot—know I don’t believe this is the one that start with arm pull but this is the one is lumpy and puckered.  You can go to any scar on your body.  Here is my example.

                Notice whether the visible scar is being sucked into tissue or is lumpy or puckered.

Going in the direction s of ease appl traction to a lumpy or puckered scar and compression to a scar with sucked inwards.

If the tissue is being sucked in used finger to engage the tissue gently apply an inward pressure to the tissues resistance and depth barrier follow each release in any direction (release feeling).

If the tissue is pucker or lumpy gently take hold o tissue and draw it toward you to the tissue resistance following each release in any direction

—scars from breast surgery reconstruction argument burns and general scar site

I like to give you another example of missing the point of just doing.   It about going into and feeling what there.  It not like working out and going through the motion of running, epical, weights, or any form of exercise that just doing — that is left brain —for a release is to go in the feeling.  Using the right side of the brain and connecting in non-liner form.  No recipes. No checking the boxes.  It the feeling and listening.  Sometimes you do need to break things up first before doing this release and do soft tissues mobilization.

Scar sometime may need soft tissue mobilization the old form of Myofascial to break up the cross links (type rolfing, stumming—no time element or waiting at the barrier….it force but after you then use the John F. Barnes MFR approach for lasting results)

Myofascial Release I consider an art form.  You learn the basics and understand the technique and principles.  The art comes from actually accessing yourself trusting and listening.  This is the starting point of your exploration.  We all have some sort of scar in our lives where we see physical.  Or just feel thought physically.  Both types of these scar can hold patterns throughout our system.  It up each of us to have the courage to melt these frozen parts.  We are keeping it together but what it was ok to melt and flow and not work so hard at holding it together.  What would it feel like not to …..?

May my experience and stories help you on your journey of personal well-being.


  • Create the space for yourself (setting) Music maybe suction cup plunger
  • Time
  • So go to barrier, wait, feel, art part, and if you don’t feel anything its ok try backing off.
  • We are changing patterns…this approach lets you go deeper and feel what happening

Compress depress follow but always remember to release slowly so it not like a rubber bad flying across the room.  And remember the time element for this is like a rubber band left around a book for an hour then taken off it changed shape it doesn’t go back to the same pattern.  Having said that make sure the more you do the more change

Write afterword’s (write words)

  • Drink water
  • You may feel like you had a workout a day or two after. 
  • Reminders Trust the wisdom of your body it may not always feel pleasurable in the moment but open the gateway to allow more pleasure, peace, and joy into one’s life.

Will be starting Youtube channel will then post a link to Youtube channel for demo— If interested like on Facebook —-also have Guided Self Treatment Through Mindfulness Movement Self Group after experience MFR with Me or John F. Barnes Trained Therapist just friend me and I can add you in —over 2 months of self-treatment available.

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