Hello Shelly,

Here is the testimonial.  Let me know if you have feedback and if anything else would be of benefit. 

I believe in long distance healing having employed it in my own energy practice for many years.   It never ceases to amaze me how strong and powerful it is with positive feedback from my recipients.  With COVID, and my own personal circumstances, I could not see Shelly in person as I have for many years and asked if she could do a long distance session on me.   Shelly is a remarkable healer in any way chosen, and a long distance session I found was no exception.  Personally, I found this mode  added a whole new dynamic to our efforts, offering less distraction and more focus and meaning with Shelly’s assistance as a master healer.   The experience of a long distance healing validated the feedback I had received, my awareness, and the power of intent that anything can happen.  I believe this is a window to the future in which all will come to realize there are no boundaries or limitations to energy.  It is not confined in a person or room, but is present everywhere.  Shelly helped to focus that energy for my benefit and I highly recommend the experience of long distance healing  with Shelly. 

Diane Hansen, CRRN, CCM

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Healing the Light Body Practitioner

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